自1992年以来, UPEI's Bachelor of Nursing degree program has fostered an interactive academic environment that prepares nursing students to become critically reflective practitioners, 提倡, 教育工作者, 以及以初级卫生保健原则为基础的专业领导人.

The curriculum of the 护理学院 is based on the concepts and principles of Primary Health Care. Primary Health Care is defined by the World Health Organization (1978) as "essential health care made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community by means acceptable to them, through their full participation and at a cost that the community and country can afford." The purpose of the program is to prepare nurses to practice according to the concepts and principles of Primary Health Care.

以初级保健为基础, 护士与客户合作, 其他卫生保健提供者, 和来自社会其他部门的人们促进健康. Nursing roles range from direct caregiver to formulator of healthy public policy and include advocate, 领袖, 教育家, 研究员, 和程序开发人员.


Upei护理专业毕业生shayna conway在健康科学大楼
Upei护理专业毕业生shayna conway在健康科学大楼
Upei护理专业毕业生shayna conway在健康科学大楼

UPEI的护理课程是一个完美的适合谢娜康威美人鱼,PEI. 她于2020年毕业. 




  • BIO 1060 - Introductory Microbiology for Health Sciences (see Non-Nursing课程要求 #1)
  • 生物1210 -人体解剖学(见以下非护理课程要求#2)
  • 生物1220 -人体生理学(见#3以下非护理课程要求)
  • NURS 1010 -基础护理I
  • NURS 1020 -基础护理2
  • FN 1020 -护理实践中的营养(见#4以下的非护理课程要求)
  • PSY 1010 -心理学入门I(见以下5号非护理课程要求)
  • PSY 1020 -心理学入门II(见以下非护理课程要求#6)
  • UPEI 1010 -写作研究之一, UPEI 1020 -探究研究, 或UPEI 1030 -大学学习(见#7以下非护理课程要求)


  • PSY 2010 -发展心理学(见第8条以下非护理课程要求)
  • 护生病理生理学
  • NURS 2030 -健康评估
  • NURS 2130 -年轻家庭护理
  • NURS 2230 -成人护理过渡在健康
  • 药理学导论
  • Introductory Statistics – Normally fulfilled by STAT 1210 – Introductory Statistics or PSY 2710 – Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences I (see Non-Nursing课程要求 below #9)
  • 选修课(见#10以下非护理课程要求)


  • NURS 3030 -护理和健康护理的问题
  • 护理研究方法
  • NURS 3050 -健康教学
  • NURS 3060 -生育家庭护理
  • nurs3130 -发展与社区客户的合作关系
  • NURS 3230 -与患有慢性疾病的客户和家庭合作
  • 选修课(见11号和12号以下的非护理课程要求)


  • nurs3100 -综合临床经验


  • NURS 4010 -护理和人口健康
  • NURS 4020 -综合临床经验II
  • NURS 4030 -护理领导和初级卫生保健
  • 概念模型和护理理论
  • 选修课(见以下13号非护理课程要求)


1) Required credit for BIO 1060 will be waived only for students who have already successfully completed BIO 2060.

2) Required credit for BIO 1210 will be waived only for students who have already successfully completed BIO 2260.

3) Required credit for BIO 1220 will be waived only for students who have already successfully completed BIO 4010.  有关BIO 1060, BIO 1210和BIO 1220的课程描述,请参阅生物学.

4) Required credit for FN 1020 will be waived only for students who have already successfully completed FN 1010 or FN 2120 prior to the 2017 first summer session. 2017年第一届暑期班至今, required credit for FN 1020 will be waived only for students who have already successfully completed
FN 3520.  有关FN 1020的课程描述,请参阅应用人文科学.

5, 6, 8) For course descriptions of PSY 1010, PSY 1020 and PSY 2010, 看心理学 Department. Required credit for PSY 2010 will be waived only for students who have already successfully completed FSC 2410.

7)  For course descriptions of UPEI 1010, UPEI 1020 and UPEI 1030, see UPEI First Year Experience

9) STAT 1210课程描述, 参见数学和计算科学以及PSY 2710的课程描述, 看心理学.



  • NURS 4010通常会满足UPEI写作强化学位要求. 请参阅写作强化课程.
  • For students not accepted to the 护理学理学学士 program and looking to upgrade their mark in the English requirement for admission to Nursing for a future application, 只有UPEI 1010, UPEI 1020 or any course designated/offered by the English Department will meet the requirement.
  • 根据学术规则1h, all undergraduate degree programs require successful completion of IKE-1040 (new for students beginning or returning after re-application in Fall 2022); one of UPEI-1010, upei - 1020, 或upei - 1030, 以及写作强化课程.

护理学学士学位(BScN)是一个四年的课程. 毕业生有资格参加执业护士执照考试, 并成为爱德华王子岛注册护士学院的会员.



A high school applicant must have achieved a mark of at least 65% in each of the following academic courses: English, 数学, 化学, 生物和其他一门12年级的课程, 这些课程的总平均成绩至少为70%.


Applicants attending or having attended a University must meet the same requirements as listed above but can also complete the course requirements by taking degree level courses. 学位水平课程的分数最低要求为60%.


除一般成人入学要求外, the following regulations apply: a student of mature years may be admitted to the 护理学院 without fulfilling all the entrance requirements specified for the high school graduates. 一名成熟的申请人必须在12年级学术英语的每个科目中取得65%的成绩, 数学, 化学, and Biology or a mark of 60% for 3 semester hours in the same subjects at the university level.


The total number of students admitted will be limited in accordance with facilities and resources on campus and in health care agencies.

Approximately seventy (70) seats are available in the four-year Nursing program each year. 所有符合最低要求的学生都将被考虑. 申请人必须是PEI的居民.  Eligible first year candidates are ranked on their average in Biology, 化学, English and Math. University applicants completing one or more of the core courses listed above will have 15% added to each university course for ranking purposes. 大学申请人必须具有良好的学术地位,如UPEI日历所定义的.

在录取过程中,可以随时向排名最高的学生发出录取通知. 为申请人完成先决条件要求, 录取将在收到第一学期成绩后进行. 所有第一轮报价将于4月前公布. A second round of offers is made in May, with the number depending upon first round acceptances. 最后,第三轮报价将于7月公布. Late offers of a seat to the program will be made to the highest ranked alternate if and when a seat becomes available.

请参阅UPEI校历 完整的招生信息.

UPEI的本科学费是大西洋地区第二低的, 我们提供超过500万美元的奖学金和奖励.



For a complete breakdown of part-time or full-time study as a student in the Faculty of Arts, 访问我们的 学费和费用页面.


UPEI支持您和您的教育目标. We administer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards to our undergraduate and graduate students every year. Depending on your faculty or program, and year of study, you may be eligible for available awards.

搜索完整的奖学金列表 查阅资料及申请表格.  


包括保证入学奖学金和学业优秀奖, these awards recognize the academic achievements of all students who meet the eligibility criteria while studying towards their first undergraduate degree.

访问奖学金网站 完整的信息.

你的导师. 我们的教授.

UPEI拥有约250名优秀的教师亚虎pt, 老师, 和导师, 随着我们新开张,每年都有更多的人被雇佣, 进步, 和独特的项目. 但这不仅仅体现在数字上. 这取决于我们人民的素质. 来自世界各地的屡获殊荣的教师们把UPEI当成了家. 在这里, you’ll learn directly from these world-class professors and 研究员s in small classes where you’ll have easy access to them.