我们是来帮忙的! UPEI 教师 and 工作人员 members can assist you with services and information specifically for students.


If public health or your health care provider suspects you have COVID-19 or you are experiencing a respiratory illness including coughing, 发热, 感觉发烧, 发冷/握手, 呼吸困难, 胸闷, 或胸闷, please visit the PEI Government’s contact information for inquiries about COVID-19.



您可以通过参观罗伯逊图书馆与工作人员聊天 http://library.rubyshoesday.com/ and clicking the "Ask Us" icon on the grey bar at the top of the page. When the service is offline, there are other ways to get help:


你在某一科目上有困难吗? 你是否需要用另一种方式来解释课程材料? 你在组织和时间管理方面需要帮助吗? If so, a tutor can help you reach your academic potential and goals. 


  • 提高你的成绩
  • 改善你对一件事的态度
  • 增强自尊
  • 让你保持专注和有条理

电子邮件: tutorbank@rubyshoesday.com 


The UPEI 写作中心 is offering online tutoring (eTutoring) and, 当可用的, 在罗伯逊图书馆274室的亲自辅导. For the most up-to-date information on their availability, and to make appointments, register at upei.mywconline.com.


UPEI has dedicated subject-specific Help Centres for extra assistance in Chemistry, 计算机科学, 数学, 可持续设计工程.



The ITSS Help Desk is available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. Please take note that the best way to reach ITSS for support is via our email helpdesk@rubyshoesday.com,或向我们的 MyUPEI网站. We are answering the phone and checking the voicemail on a best effort basis only.


咨询服务提供保密的, 短期帮助学生处理个人问题, 关系或心理健康问题. 由于COVID-19大流行, appointments can be scheduled and held remotely using video chat, or we can talk on the phone—whichever way makes you most comfortable.




The Chaplaincy Centre provides a location to meet, eat, socialize, pray, and hold religious services. Our UPEI Campus Ministry team provides a spiritual presence that is supportive of students, 教师, 员工和管理. Regular opportunities for worship of all faiths are available at the Chaplaincy Centre.

The Chaplaincy Centre also houses the Campus Food Bank which is donation driven, 对UPEI学生开放. 这取决于一年中的任何时候的财务状况, many students take advantage of this service for donations and receiving support.



Academic advisors can play a critical role in promoting students success and, 作为一个结果, 帮助留住他们. 感觉和学校有联系的学生, 感觉关心, 理解他们的目的, and have clear academic and career goals are more apt to persist in their academic endeavours. 

电子邮件 studentserv@rubyshoesday.com 预约学术顾问.


对注册有疑问, 学位审核, 先决条件, 成绩单, 验证的招生, 召开, 重要的日子, 课程, exam-scheduling, 学术规范, 和学术日历? 来看看我们! By working together, we can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a university graduate. 



The mission of the UPEI 健康与保健 Centre is to provide access to high quality, 保障学生健康安全, 工作人员, 教师, 和家庭. 为了达到这些目的, the 健康与保健 Centre is committed to partnering with interdisciplinary and collaborative teams to deliver health promotion, 最佳医疗保健和持续教育. 




UPEI's 性暴力预防和应对办公室 (SV-PRO) is a safe and confidential space for students, 工作人员, and 教师 who have experienced sexual violence to obtain support.

欲了解更多信息,请访问 http://www.rubyshoesday.com/svpro
电子邮件: econboy@rubyshoesday.com


The UPEI 书店 is the place for all of your textbook and course material needs. The UPEI 书店 provides a wide range of merchandise and services including new and used textbooks, 服装, 以及礼品用品. 我们还提供基本的学校商品,如书包, 水瓶, 和文具设备. We provide course specific materials like lab clothes, clickers, and safety goggles.



The UPEI 学生会 exists to represent the interests of UPEI students and improve the student experience at UPEI. We represent a diverse range of students from different places of origin and with different lived experiences. We will endeavour to make our organization as accessible as possible by actively incorporating all voices and dismantling barriers to participation so that all students feel included.

我们位于W.A. 墨菲学生中心. 请随意进来!

电子邮件: info@upeisu.com



The University of Prince Edward Island encourages the full participation of all students, 包括残疾学生. We strive to ensure fair and consistent treatment for all and provide equal access to University services, 项目, 和设施. 

有文件证明的学生, 看不见的, and/or temporary disabilities can register with 可及性服务. If you are struggling with your learning and want more information, please contact us at 902-566-0488 to arrange for an appointment with one of our accessibility case managers. 你也可以给我们发电子邮件 accessibility@rubyshoesday.com



留学生办公室, 位于道尔顿大厅的第四层, provides a variety of services for our international students.


  • 国际学生文化和社会活动
  • 协助UPEI学生办理学习许可
  • 支持国际学生过渡到UPEI
  • Assistance and guidance for international students at UPEI throughout their degree
  • 国际学生伙伴计划
  • 为在校生提供移民服务

Call 902-566-0576 to book an appointment between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. 你也可以给我们发电子邮件 irostu@rubyshoesday.com.



The 体验式教育 department helps students to bridge school and work.


体育和娱乐 supports UPEI by providing leadership in the promotion and delivery of athletic excellence, 优质体育活动计划, 以及增进健康的服务, 健康, 以及社区意识.  志湾扬中心设有桑拿浴室, 重量的房间, 篮球场, 游泳池, track, 两个冰表面, 和物理治疗. These facilities are available to students and the general public, 使他们的身体机能达到最高水平, 精神和情感.

访问 http://www.rubyshoesday.com / ar /健身中心 咨询电话:902-566-0368.


本单位负责及时、准确的计费, 集合, deposit and recording of all student fees and related charges. This unit must also ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place.

For more information on fees, payment options, and deadlines, 请访问我们的学费和费用页面.