Adult ADHD clinic to open at UPEI

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From L to R: Sandy Slade, Marilyn Barrett, Dr. 大卫·黄,宝贝. 厄尼哈德逊,宝贝. Brad Trivers和Dr. 格雷格Keefe.

The following new release was distributed by the Government of Prince Edward Island after an announcement was held at UPEI on April 11, 2022.

The University of Prince Edward Island and the provincial government are partnering on a new clinic to help adults living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

今年春天开始, adults who were treated for ADHD as children and those who were diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood, will be able to get treatment and support from clinics offered by retired paediatrician and ADHD specialist Dr. 大卫·黄. Dr. 黄 and his team at the UPEI 健康与保健 Centre will see those already diagnosed, as well as adults who are at risk of or who have symptoms of ADHD.  

“We will help young adults to succeed in high school and in post-secondary education,“博士说. 黄.  “We will use a multidisciplinary approach to help adults with ADHD to overcome difficulties at work and relationship with their 家庭 and friends.  In addition to physicians and nurse practitioners, we will have social worker and psychologist to assist them in different aspects of their lives.”

The Departments of 健康与保健 and Social Development and Housing are partnering with the UPEI 健康与保健 Centre to create a provincial demonstration program for assessment and treatment of undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults.

This program will significantly reduce the current wait time for assessments, and also ensure that new referrals are assessed in a timely manner. Referrals for screening and assessment would be accepted from all physicians and nurse practitioners and possibly mental health practitioners.

“There is an excellent opportunity here to lower the burden of ADHD to individuals, 家庭, 雇主, and the healthcare system,” said 健康与保健 Minister Ernie Hudson. “An adult ADHD program will improve awareness on the Island. Hopefully we will see more people seeking support and 诊断 for ADHD in our province.”

Conservative estimates suggest that there are over 7,000 Islanders living with ADHD, many of whom are not yet diagnosed. There are more than 400 people currently on the waiting list to see Dr. 黄 for assessment/诊断.

“We are pleased to support this initiative through our UPEI 健康与保健 Centre, and help improve awareness, 诊断, and support for adults with ADHD,“博士说. 格雷格Keefe, UPEI’s interim president and vice-chancellor. “我感谢博士. 黄 and Marilyn Barrett, director of the Centre, for their initiative in developing this program that will benefit Islanders across PEI.”

The program is being funded by the Department of 健康与保健, while UPEI is supporting the effort by providing administrative oversight, 空间, 设备, 和人力资源. Health PEI is also providing physician specialist funding to support this program. The Department of Social Development & Housing has provided one-time funding of $1 million to initiate this program.

Further information for about the program will be released in mid- to late May to family physicians and nurse practitioners. For individuals who are without a primary care provider in the community, but think they might have ADHD or are seeking support in living with ADHD, self-referral information will be posted on the UPEI 健康与保健 Centre website. 




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